The Aerolings are an Air-based tribe made by Supercoco142.


The agile Aerolings live in an ancient city in the sky. they seem to always have their head in the clouds, and if they aren't wary, they might get into some big trouble!


Swall: This hyper birdlike mixel likes to fly and be crazy.

Nado: A talented one, he likes to try new things.

Strati: The Leader of the aerolings, despite daydreaming a lot, Strati can be very serious at times.


Infernites: each Aeroling has one Infernite friend: Strati/Flain Swall/Zorch Nado/Vulk

Cragsters: neutral

Electroids: neutral

Frosticons: Strati and flurr are friends. others are neutral

Fang-Gang: neutral

Flexers: the aerolings like hanging out with them in flexers land

Glorp-Corp: neutral

Spikels: neutral

Wiztastics: Swall likes to sabotoge the wiztastic shows with zorch. others are neutral

Windsters: The Windesters love to play with them and fly with them.

Lighteders neutral

Metalizers: neutral


  • The Leader is Strati
  • They are based on the element air.
  • Their tribe name is based of the prefix Aero- wich means air.
  • Their MAX is Dragon-like With 6 wings