The Amazallions are a fan tribe of Mixels that lust for thrills and adventure like the Glorp Corp. They were created by Shuff22238/CherryAtTheTavern, and they and their cubits are dark green/red orange in color.


The Amazallions live in the tropical Jungles, west of the Swamplands.



The Amazallions and the Infernites are good friends.


The Amazallions hate Seismo. Krader and Shuff are neutral.


The Amazallions and the Electroids are neutral.

Fang Gang

The Fang Gang love the Amazallions because they have so much fruit where they live.


The Amazallions love the Frosticons because they are blue.


The Amazallions and Flexers are neutral.


The Amazallions are dark green and red orange.
Reptilliai 1

Claug the Amazallion!


  • Claug* - The most adventurous Amazallion in the Jungle. He was frozen once and freed by the Frosticons.
  • Graw - The calm, chillaxed fruit loving one. Gave his leadership to Claug.
  • Dilon - The hyper, crazy member of the Amazallions, he has great defenses.


  • They are all based off of reptiles.
  • They love the color blue, and they love the Frosticons because of this.
  • They hate Krader for some unknown reasons.
  • Claug invented gliding.
  • They love fruit, Graw loves it the most.


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