Ref Of The Aquairians

This is a Tribe Created By uxie126

The Aquairians are a tribe of Mixels that Love to Do Activities In The Waters,They Live Near The Water Of Beaches In The Land.


The Aquairians Is a Water Elemental Mixel Tribe,They Love To Swim And Surf.They Live In A Place Where Theres Lots of Place to Swim In,Theres even lakes And Waterfalls!They all live in waterish Huts,While The True Small Hut Is UnderWater


Hydra - The Leader Of The Aquairians,That Has quite a Adventurous Attitude.

Moana - One of the Kind Aquairians,That wears a Shell on her Head,Also representing a Crab.

Irvin - He can use his Tail to Blow Bubbles for others to play with,hes also Smart With underwater creatures.



According that they are oppisite elements,it can be hard to get around them.


Neutral,So Far.


Yet again,hard to get around,because if they come in contact to their electric source,it wont come out well.


Going to their land can freeze them,yet again to Oppisite Element.

Fang Gang

Neutral,So Far.


Due from the fact the Flexers are Aquatic in a way,They are quite good friends.


Behind the Falls


  • Their Leader is Hydra
  • They are one of the Tribes that all Have 2 Eyes
  • They are Based on the Element Of Water
  • They Invented Surfing And Swimming as a sport for Mixel Land
  • They Represent Water-Type things,The Droplet,The Shell,And The Bubble
  • They have Rare Pieces
  • They Call their MAX "Aqua"
  • The Tribe is Owned By uxie126


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