• MrYokaiAndWatch902

    Planned Mixels!

    September 8, 2016 by MrYokaiAndWatch902




    Toucket (Touhou reference)




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  • JahmirWhite

    Are there any people on this wiki who are working on their own rebooted version of Mixels cause I'm gonna go do a list of users on this wiki right now.

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  • Tyler 2005


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  • Footi9

    Are you allowed to comment on 1 month old threads?

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  • I Am Pizza Steve

    These are Mixels I made with the LEGO I have at home.


    Bee Twee

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    Hey guys! CMR here with another update!

    As you can see, there's a Mixel Land background (i know it looks like crap)!

    Also, I have changed the name, Mixels Fan Wiki, to Mixelfanpedia!

    That's it for now, bai!

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  • PredasparkDrazor

    Anyone want their legos to cartoon version, comment here or comment at my message wall. Example:

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  • Supercoco142


    March 24, 2015 by Supercoco142

    YAY!!! TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! i'm 12 now, one year closer to coming back to to wiki! to celebrate this day, I'll tell you a true story on how I began liking mixels.

    Belive it or not, I used to despise mixels, mock it, and other stuff,(exept shuff, I thought he was cute.) until one day, everything changed. When I was looking for stuff for my birthday, A Miracle Happend. I found only one mixel on the shelf I was looking at, do you know what it is? It was Zorch. I picked it up and put it in the cart,  and then somebody told me more mixels where somewhere else, so I grabbed Shuff too. After Building the two Mixels, and Watching the new episode mailman (Which coincidentally had theese two mixels,) I Started to like mixels and give it a chance.


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  • Supercoco142

    Hi guys! i was just looking at the comments on mixels wiki, and i stubled upon this:

    Cannot wait for 2016 to come... :D

    Also I have an ambition to work at Atomic Cartoons, as their animator, character designer, backgroud designer or even VOICE ACTOR!!!

    Maybe in the future I could revive Mixels if they ended, or I'll just continue Mixels franchise and make it better than ever... :)


    This made me thinking, In approximetlay 2023, Mixels will be revived by former fans, and I MAY be a character designer, or  maybe a voice actor, maybe an exectutive producer or maybe even one of the creators!!! well anyway, before your heads explode with exitement, some of the following things will MAY happen in the revive.

    • All the mixels will be brand ne…
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  • NixFix-971


    March 22, 2015 by NixFix-971

    I'm just wanna to make my ocs here on MS paint and this Wiki instead of HTF fannon wiki XP. So, I imagine it one of my Mixels and the Tribes.. That's all? LOL!

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy


    Well, it's been a few months since I've been unblocked, and here's a few updates to this wiki.

    Badge edit tracks for users on their own is now banned, users are not allowed to edit other users pages to get the badges for editing them, and this is why I disabled them. (Don't activate them again.)

    I don't think there has been badge-farming here YET, but to prevent it from even starting, anyone seen badge-farming shall be blocked for a week. (And so on.)

    Well, that's it for now, bye!

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  • Flamzer The Mixel

    I have recently discovered some old photos of fan made mixels. I will show more soon.

    a speed tribe

    • Gold-rom is the leader
    • Lucky is a coin
    • Other mixels are jealous of them
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  • Tungster830


    March 14, 2015 by Tungster830

    He guyz! Its Tung here witha drawing contest! Who can draw this Mix the best in cartoon for ?!?!

    Contest ends on April 1, 2015!

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  • TheFrozenFrosticonsKings

    My OCs

    March 13, 2015 by TheFrozenFrosticonsKings








    Nixel-face*** (update planned)









    Skeletor-Wither Skeletor***





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  • Dadaw

    I record the ad very well here is it: 

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  • Zelta mega


    March 1, 2015 by Zelta mega

    Who can draw an animated version for this mix

    Competition ends 16/3/15 

    Prize is ...

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  • Sonicmasher

    Jawg as Spot/Scott

    Chomly as Leonard

    ????? as Mary Lou

    ????? as Leslie

    Blazer (Flain's talking pet bird) as Pretty Boy

    Thorny (Footi's talking pet cat) as Mr. Jolly

    and more!

    Chomly: You're still in bed?! Get up! You don't wanna be late for the last day of school, do you?!

    Jawg: And ruin my perfect attendance record?! I don't think so!

    (Jumps out of bed)

    Jawg: C'mon let's go!

    Blazer: Pants?

    Jawg: Check!

    Thorny: Shirt?

    Jawg: Check!

    Blazer: Tail?

    Jawg: Tucked!

    Thorny: Splinters?

    Jawg: Plucked!

    Blazer: Glasses not scuffed?

    Jawg: Ooh, a Cheeto Puff!

    (Eats the cheeto puff)

    B&T: Chow?

    Jawg: Demolished!

    B&T: Apple?

    Jawg: Polished! World, here I come! Ha!

    Born on the wrong end of the leash, I was a deamer! And, a little schemer! A simple mutt living a dog's life, but the b…

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  • Flamzer The Mixel

    Help me, Murp King The Murp King  ,and TheStretcherFlexerKings  with the Angry bird creator wiki!

    Join us! The Angry bird creator wiki needs more people.


    You can add angry bird related stuff that is fanon. Such as.....

    • Birds
    • Pigs
    • Games
    • Levels
    • Toons
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  • Flamzer The Mixel


    January 22, 2015 by Flamzer The Mixel

    I finally got series 4! Heres some photos!

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  • Flamzer The Mixel
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  • CreeperBot 2000

    And that's it.

    January 20, 2015 by CreeperBot 2000

    I am no longer recording or looking for the Mixels Season 2 ad. Oh and by the way. The user who driven me to this will remain anonymous. (BLOCK ENDS TONIGHT! WOOT! :D)

    Firstly, I saw it again. And I can give a 75% accurate transcript this time.

    Narrator: Mixels is back!

    Niksput and Zorch: Woo-hoo!

    Narrator: With nine new tribes!

    Narrator: Meet the clumsy Orbitrons!

    I'll add the rest later.

    Vulksman. I hope you're happy with an angry (BIRDS, jk.) wiki. And NO it IS your fault! You've driven me to it!

    I attempted suicide (TWICE) over this crap. So if this happens again I'll be history. (You know what that means, D MixHel S.) But after the publishing of this blog, the countdown is 5 hours and 49 mins.


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  • Flamzer The Mixel

    MixelsFloras is the winner.

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  • CreeperBot 2000



    MIXELS SEASON 2 AD (UK version) played over in Ireland today while I was waiting for Regular Show to start!!!

    Niksput: wat

    Nurp-Naut: Only heard his young side. But still goodz.

    Rokit: No speaking role on the ad.

    Globert: Can't remember. Sorry!

    Boogly: Deh confusions maiks a nuw languge, et trunzlaits tu: WTF?



    Flamzer: No speaking role on the ad. But he did scream while being chased by an angered Flain!


    Meltus: Only sneezed.

    Dadaw already covered the transcript. (FAIL!) But anyways. Wat do you think? Post belowz!!!

    Stop demanding the ad from me, PLEASE! I can't spend all day rewi…

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  • TheFrozenFrosticonsKings


    In this blog, your mixels without a tribe can join the Unknown tribe 2.0 and 3.0 and more! (if they want to)

    NOW HIRING (lol)



    Reaming Member:

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  • TheFrozenFrosticonsKings

    Hello! In this blog I will come up with relationships of your oc mixels and tribes (that has a page) with my Unknown Tribe (nice Nixels not included...LOL).

    The Unknown Tribe likes flying in the sky with Drazor. The rest are neutral.

    Blaster and Rammer get blown away too much by them. Rex has so much fun with them. The rest are neutral with Rex.

    The Unknown Tribe enjoys eating their honey. Blaster doesn't eat so he likes helping them.

    Blaster likes Traffop more than the others. The rest are neutral.

    Blaster and Rammer get pranked a lot by them. Rex doesn't get affected by the pranks.


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  • Flamzer The Mixel


    December 31, 2014 by Flamzer The Mixel

    Hello! This blog has all my mixes i made in LDD or i made a drawing of, or even with real life legos! But this is also about custom mixels and more! If you wanna request a mix, go ahead, post it in my message wall or in the comments! I also have a blog with the same name in mixels wiki but this is newer and improved!  I have more stuff I just don't have enough time to finish it and to add more things such as Mixels and more!

    Mixel 1 Mixel 2 Photo Abilities
    Burnard Meltus
    • Breaths fire
    • Sneezes fire
    • Bites really hard

    Crystolo Nurp-naut

    Lunk (kid)

    Flurr (kid)
    • Flys
    • Breaths ice
    • Leaves ice behind it wherever it goes

    Flain (Kid)

    Zaptor (kid)
    Balk Zaptor
    • Jumps high

    Boogly Rokit
    • Runs fast

    Vulk Boogly
    Burnard Globert
    • Flys
    • Breaths fire

    Flain Magn…

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Flain:*sighs* A perfect day.

    • opens back door and sees Nixels*


    Volectro:OUT! OUT!

    Major Nixel:It's our pool now.

    Zorch:The only solution to see who gets the pool....


    • fanfare plays*

    Volectro:3....2....1.. GO!

    (1 Min Later)

    Teslo:*clears throat*

    What's in there?

    Nixel:NIX NIX NIX--- (I don't see any--)

    Teslo:*kicks Nixel in water*

    Flain:*pokes Major Nixel*

    Major Nixel:WHAT?!

    Flain:Look up.

    • Major Nixel looks up*
    • Flain kicks him in pool*



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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    NEW! Characters

    November 2, 2014 by LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Swimsters is a tribe that likes swimming.

    Groggy:The Mixel that has lost his sight , but is still able to swim WITHOUT his sight.

    Grot:The window-faced, rectangle-shaped body Mixel that is the sensitive one at swimming.

    Unrot:The fat or circle-shaped, ball-shaped armed Mixel that goes a little slow with his arms.


    • Grot is the leader of the tribe.
    • Unrot is a little slower than Groggy & Grot.

    Spiderians is a tribe that are spiders.

    Zak:The sensitive, skinny, tall Mixel that makes BIG webs.

    Mak:The clumsy, comical, fat Mixel that has a moment of making webs whenever he wants.

    Tak:The hound-like, short-legged Mixel that has comical (like Mak) and clumsy.


    • Zak is the leader of the tribe.
    • Both Mak & Tak are comical and clumsy.

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  • LexTheCoolRaichu133

    Dear users/ADMINs,

    Thanks for not blocking me and making me feel welcome here on Mixels Fan Wiki. It means so much to me to respect other users/ADMINs here on the Wiki. If you like, I'll be your friend.

    Love, GamerboyTURBO3455.

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  • Greiskely18


    November 2, 2014 by Greiskely18

    the lovertroids are a tribe that can make love spells to woo you like Mixels.

    the lovertroids live in a house inside is a SPA

    the lovertroids and infernites get along

    the lovertroids and cragsters get along well except they do not like to Krader for little reason

    the lovertroids and electrods are friends because they like the lovertroids what is electrifying

    lovertroids and the fang gang get along except for wolf jawg bani is not his type

    the lovertroids and frosticons get along as bani wolf gets along with Lunk

    the lovertroids and flexers get along because lovertroids get along with all different tribes Mixels

    lovertroids are the clear turquoise and pink

    Bani Wolf - is similar to glurt but jawg glurt and not their types; Bani wolf has a horn which…

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  • Dadaw

    The Windesters Can Be Reals.

    October 29, 2014 by Dadaw

    Guys I have happy news, now you can support to the Windesters on LEGO Ideas.



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  • Supercoco142

    Aerolings Poll

    October 29, 2014 by Supercoco142

    Here is a poll/Survey of the aerolings!

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  • Hyperealistic Gaben

    Hey guys, HG here, and I have started going onto a new set of Mixels. I am creating OC tribes known as the Cookers, the Sandstorms, and the Beachwaves. I have made a rough sketch of only one cooker, who seems to be the leader. What do you think I should name him, and what should his power be?

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  • VulkTheHulk26

    Well I'm going to make a mixel 1 by 1

    My first tribe is the cripptanits what do you think

    My second tribe is the sunshines what do you think

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  • Sonicmasher

    I'm here!

    October 22, 2014 by Sonicmasher

    I'm gonna start contributing to this wiki as well as Mixels ABSOLUTELY FANON Wiki! (in case anybody who is part of the staff reads this) I also want to know if I could be a part of the staff. Because, I felt SO IMPORTANT when I was a part of the staff of the aformentioned wiki!

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  • Dadaw

    About the badegs.

    October 14, 2014 by Dadaw

    Well we curectly have the badegs make Wikia, and I have idea lets make toogther the new versions of the badges, but first we need to ask Creeper if we can.

    If yes leave a photo and we try to make difirent photos for the badges.

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    This is an important announcement for THIS wiki, not the Mixels Wiki, we are not related to the Mixels Wiki in any way.

    I will make this announcement later... Computer batteries almost dead.

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  • Dadaw

    my fan made bags

    September 9, 2014 by Dadaw

    some own like my fan made bags ?

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  • Zelta mega


    August 9, 2014 by Zelta mega

    How do you like my tribe?

    I'd love to know your opinion!

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  • CMRdaawesomeguy

    Attention, achievements on this wiki are now active!

    Even though this is a fan wiki and isn't one that you would normally be reading for information, I still added achievements.

    Reminder: Do not edit someone elses without permission, I've had to deal with recent vandalism like that.

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