Booger Thinks About It was an animated sitcom which ran from 1993 to 2012. It focused on Booger, the main protagonist of the original Mixels series finale, figuring out problems and turning out to be silly.

Booger as he appeared in the series


In 1987, the pilot episode was released. It was also the pilot for Fan Mixels. The pilot, called "Mikselz", focused on Booger figuring out how the other Mixels went crazy. The pilot was a success, so they jumped to green light the pilot into two shows: Fan Mixels and Booger Thinks About It. Fan Mixels premiered in 1991, and Booger Thinks About It aired two years later in 1993.


The series finale, titled "Booger Travels Across The World", aired on Easter of 2012. It was declared the finale by the creator, John Fang, the day after the episode premiered. The channel still airs reruns, and new short films based off the original series.

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