A fungus-based mixel with a body like Slumbo's, but grass green, with a large fungus cap sprouting from his head, with long, thick arms, and small mushrooms sprouting from his arms and back, and 2 large caps sprouting from the top of his hands, and his arms are like hoogi's, but with fingers like Glurt's, adding shielding abilities into his spore-bound arsenal, as well as charging into enemies with them, and 2 small blades sprouting from the caps above the knuckles. He was found when Vulk, The Fang Gang, and Slumbo went to pick mushrooms to make into a soup. When they found Celium, they thought that his head growth was the biggest shroom they could find, and of course they tried to rip it out of the ground, but jawg noticed the teeth and eyes, and thought they were just regular mushrooms. Gobba then bit Celium's cap, hurting, startling, and provoking Celium, and attacked, slicing Gobba badly, and then healing him with mycelium bandages and natural disinfectant, and apologized for a week, and was Gobba's standin while he was healing, and is still sorry, but Gobba forgave Celium a long time ago for it.


He is very timid, calls Gobba his Master, can cook amazing s'mores, and owns a mushroom drumset, with matching drumsticks.


He is pretty neutral with everyone, but serves Gobba like a butler.

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