The Dinensioners are a somewhat-Alien like tribe from Series 2 of Tungster830's Mixels OC's. They are Lime Green and Pink in color.

Series 2 Description

Mixels is back with a new series and a brand new set of Tribes! Meet the alien-like Dimensioners, the Muddy Mussters and the Tough Klinkers! Mix the Mixels in sets of 2! If you Mix 2, 3 or even 4 Mixels, it becomes a Murp! Combine all 3 Mixels in a tribe for a KRAZI MAX! Each Mixel sold seperatley, Nixel may be included.



The crazy alien leader, Dimens has 5 EYES! He is one of the craziest but overall, most kind hearted Mixels to ever live. He even has 6 Legs. Whats next? 7 Tails?....


Yup. We were right. Tail7 has 7 TAILS! One of them is spiky while the others are toxic that can turn a Mixel into a 6 Eyed- Alien for just a minute, Watch out, Mixels!


The dopey member, why did Dimens leave him in charge of guarding the Portal to Mixel Land?! He has 3 Eyes and things get weird when he is around...


  • They are the main tribe of my Mixels Series 2.
  • Adding this message was the 2001'st edit on the wiki.

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