Flurr is the fastest flying Mixel. But it wasn't always that way.....

Chapter 1

Flurr spread his wings. "I can do this!" he yelled, his voice echoing through the canyon.

"I've equipped you with this amazing parachute so you can drift slowly to the ground." Teslo yelled from the bottom of the canyon. "It also has a lightweight sound system so you can listen to your favorite songs while you try to fly."

"Not try to fly." Flurr corrected. "Fly for real!"

"Also if the wind doesn't blow you away, if you fall I have a bunch of soft items gathered from everymixel. Except for the Spikels." Teslo informed. "They're too spiky."

"Go!!!!!" Flurr jumped from the top of the canyon. He spread his wings and flapped them, but he wasn't even hovering. Couldn't get any worse at this rate. he thought but it did get worse. His parachute was tangled and he was spiraling out of control!