(krog) remind me why were going to gox birthday party again

(snoof) because of cake

(gurggle) yeah but to be honest vaka waka will probably eat all the cake

(vaka-waka) yeah we probably will

(wuzzo) despite that how do we get up the elevator theres two many of us

(Berp) well lets try anyway

the series 5-6 mixels excluding the klinkers try to get in the elevator but its uncomfortable so they all slide out

(chilbo) ok does anyone have a cubit

(dribbal) i do but again i was saving it for someone special

(snoof) lets just get in the elevator

they get in the elevator and use the cubit

krog chilbo snoof spugg turg tungster kramm forx wuzzo dribbal gurggle slusho vaka-waka berp snax ELEVATOR MIX

they turn into a multicolored wall with a lot eyes

(gurggles voice) this doesn't feel right

(krogs voice) at least were comfertable

the elevator goes up

(gox) hello you made it

the mixels split

(vaka-waka) wheres the cake

(gox) the cake oh sorry we got so hungry waiting for you that we ate it all

(everyone) OH COME ON


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