A ancient, reptilian mixel found in the ground under the jungle floor of the Lixers and Tungster's girlfriend, Trixa, and her tribe (do not sue me for copying off a Devianart artist), snatching food, materials, and of course, Trixa, at night, whitch infuriated Tungster, and requested help from all six Infernites to help him get her back after numerous failed attempts, after each team of mixels failed, and each time they failed, they found stone tablets that have Feyar's weaknessed on them, like that he is afraid of fire, can't attack girls, and terrifies a mixel, but only when they make eye contact with him. So, they enlisted Infernites, all six of them,  and they maxed, found the creature at a small chem lab, trying to find a way to restore his intelligence, and his sanity, as he was quite insane at this point. Tungster made a deal with him, Trixa for a permanent cure for his condition. Feyar agreed, and Tungster was reunited with Trixa, Feyar got his cure, and everyone was happy.


Feyar is pale white in color with light blue highlights. He is a quadroped with 2 long, lanky arms sprouting from his front legs' shoulder blades. He ha a large head like slusho, but he has a larger mouth and more teeth. He is usually seen with Trixa, as her bodyguard, and when he's not, he is making chemicals or sleeping. He is very impulsive, and can attack in quick sucession with his claws and his bite, and his tail, which is covered in white bony spines and is tipped with a hard bone stinger. He has an amazing singing voice, and can be heard in a 5 mile radius, and is very mischiveous.


Infernites: is Afraid of them, because of their element of fire.

Electroids: Neutral.

Cragsters: neutral.

Flexers: neutral.

Fang Gang: neutral.

Frosticons: likes to visit, but only for the hot cocoa and giant popsicles

Spikels: Neutral.

Glorp Corp: uses their slime for his large amount of machinery, as a lubricant.

Wiztastics: Neutral.

Orbitons: neutral.

Glowkies: Visits often, to bring back moon rocks for fuel.

Lixers: Neutral.

Klinkers: neutral.

Trixa's tribe: protects Trixa, some even that he has a crush on her.

Misc. Tribes: neutral.

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