they are very fiery and zany and they

are more bunches of inferkites there red and orange in color

Fibird a bird mixel witch is cool he likes flain and hes a stuntman a little bit

Heatails the dog in the group he is friends with dog mixels and they also mix with him

Flazy Flazy is crazy REALLY CRAZA


Cano:a nice guy

Smunk:he is silent

Burn ieng:two mixels in one

their max is a cat

Eachoder: Heatails is the young and happy pet for Flazy and Fibird

Inferkites: Flain thinks Fibird is a good brother.

Cragsters: neatral

Electdroids: Flazy likes Volectro and he is his best friend

Frosticons:They have the same relation as the Inferkites.

Flexers: neatral

Fang Gang : Gobba likes to get CRAZA like FLAZYA and Heatails hangs out with Jawg

Glorp Chorp: Glurt likes Heatails.

Spikels: Scorpi is affraid of Heatails and Jawg and Glurt

Wiztastics: neatral

Orbitons: Flazy flies in his head and the Orbitons think its funny

Glowkies : neatral

Splashoes : the Firgons hate getting splashed by the Splashoes and they always mistake them as Inferkites

Lovernoids: My siries 1 thinks theyre all short but they love them

Metalizers: Fibird likes eating with Bit

Cliptanits: Heatails does not like them beacuse he reads Ripto the super dog comics

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