A mixel created when several different types of poisonous gas mixed together while a small egg floated in the sewer. It resulted in a mixel capable of producing large amounts of poisonous gas, of flight by using jets of ignited gas, can slash opponents with claws of high-pressure gas expelled from his fingertips, and is sheathed in a gas cloud. Krog, Spugg, and Vulk were investigating a strange gas cloud coming from the sewers of Mixopolis. Sadly, when Spugg found Fumz, the noxious gas nearly asphyxiated him, but Vulk sent a spark at Fumz, igniting his gas, causing a large explosion, which knocked out Vulk, and severely hurting Fumz. Vulk was rushed to a hospital, but Krog felt sorry for Fumz when he found him, as he was only a kid. Krog decided to adopt Fumz, as he had no noze, and the kid was in extreme pain. he raised Fumz in secret, not telling anyone except for Spugg. He resides with them even now.


He is a very lonely mixel, since his gas keeps everyone away. He is somewhat energetic, and is very protective, but his gas-based abilities are useful when dealing with large groups of nixels.

He is shaped like slumbo, but with slime green and dark yellow, and long, armored arms with transparent green claws tipping his curved fingers. His head is atopped by a transparent green

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