The Galaxites are a trube from Series 1 of my Mixels OC Series.



Moon-Rune is the leader of the Galaxites. He is very strict and protective. His first personality is a Strict old man. His second oersonality is a Confident Surfer-Guy who does daring stunts.


Far-Zar is the dopey member of the Alien Galaxites. His first personality is a dopey child and his second personality is a prankster. It can get strange when he is in Zar mode....6 Eyes = CONFUSION!


The crazy member, his 2 personalites are - A Daredevil who does the most dangerous things on Saturn and his second personality is a Serious Teacher-Like teenager. They always argue with each other.


  • They are good friends with the Glowkies, Orbitons, Lixers and Klinkers,
  • They are Black and Spring-Green in color.
  • They all have 2 Personalites and glowing eyes.

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