A mixel found in Vulk's shower system, when they came home after a day at Mixel park. They cleared it like last time, but they hit him, burning his face and making him rush out of the faucet, and thus, covered them in his essence (sewage). He had been stuck in the faucet for a while, trying to escape an army of nixels that had invaded his home, the sewage glades. All tribes were called together for this purpose. They tried but failed, but when Gazzer acidentally mixed with krader, he formed a powrful mix able to spray sewage from Krader's large hand, and moved around fast with Gazzer's gas jets and sewage foot, which looks like a snail's. This time with the awesome mix, they suceeded this time.


He's very strong, using his large arms and strong jaws to fight Nixels, cook, and eat the large meals he prepares for others, but no one eats them, not even the Fang Gang, which makes him very depressed, but Gobba eats his meals, just to make him feel better. Gobba even said, "You know, this doesn't taste bad at all", but he spoke the truth. Gazzer is a gourmet chef and makes his meals from scratch. 

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