The Ghostiks are a tribe in Tungster830's Series 1 of Mixels. They are Black and Lime Green in color.

Series Description

Series 1 of Mixels with 3 Brand New, Wacky tribes! Meet the spooks Ghostiks, the Firey Infernites and the Spaced-Out Galaxites! Mix them together using your imagination! Watch CN for Minisodes, revolvung around all your favourite characters! Mixels retail for 5.99 each. Each Mixel sold seperatley. Nixel may be included.

Ghrost Description

The creepy, 4 armed leader of the Ghostiks, Ghrost lives one second ahead of other Mixels, so he talks to others before they talk to him, which can get confusing for him and others.


A lover of all Mexican Food, Dragonist has spooky, ghastly wings and large teeth, which can bite into anything! Hisntail is able to drop Ghost Bombs, which turn a Mixel into a ghost for only 1 Minute.


This spooky Mixel can levitate himself and others, just by waving his hands! Some Mixels dont even know Levitato,is there, so they get really creeped out when they find themselves just hoverning in the air.



  • Dadaw made this trube for me as an LDD request on Mixels Wiki.
  • They, along with the Galaxites and Infernites are the main tribes of my Series 1 of Mixels.

Other Series 1 Links

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