Leytor is a Cleanster Mixel.

Cartoon Leytor
Debut Cleaning Crisis
Latest Appearance Mix it up a notch!
Tribe Cleansters
Position Leader
Gender Male
Color Cerulean, Trans. Blue
Special Features Scrubber Hands and Head
Likes Cleaning, Water
Dislikes Dirt, Vulgary, Pollution
Quote "It's okay, Glomp."
Voice Actor A snooty, gentlemanly voice
Game Abilities Wash Up (default), Cleaning Crisis (second), Wild Washing (final)


Leytor is a duster head! Time to clean up the litterbox with this mixel, Because he's from the clean Cleansters mixel tribe!


Leytor has a rectangular body, and has hair like Volectro.

He uses Spider pieces for his hands, He has three teeth, also like Volectro. he has Blue Legs and feet, he has one toe.


  • It's kind of looking like a Litterbox scooper.
  • It is the second mixel to use a Bush piece for it's hair, The first is actually Volectro.



The set.

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