Manda is the Predaspark Mixels 

Debut Dragon Battle
Latest Appearance  ?
Tribe Predasparks
Position Member
Gender Male
Color Red, Cerulean
Special Features Flippers
Likes Swimming, Helping Mixels, Fishes
Dislikes Nixels, Polluted Water
Quote "Let's do this!"
Voice Actor Michael Chain
Game Abilities Spit out water
Lego Manda
Included Nixel
Some attributes
No. of Pieces 71
Color Bright Red, Beright Blue
Made by PredasparkDrazor



Manda is a talented, helpful Mixel. He is an excellent swimmer.

Physical Appearance

He has a red body. His head is somewhat of a quarter-circle shape. An eye is on each sides. He also have a cerulean chin. He has a long red neck with cerulean strip at the bottom. His body is short and slightly iron-shaped with a widening red chunk on the front of it. He has a fins-like arms. His legs is gray with red feet. At his rear, his tail have cerulean flukes and cerulean tip.


He can spit out water.


  • He is ressemble an Elasmosaurus
  • His name resemble from a kaiju monster "Manda "


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