The mixels ha have a competition to see who can win catch the cubit


First the prawph was playing catch the cubit with kraw then suddenly "mix" happened! Tentro came and said ohh can I plaaaay then the the mix said yes then tentro mixed with lunk"mix" then student teslo said I have an idea! Then he said the idea "MAX" 10x nurp naught and Bernard were the commentators  and globert a manager then the maxes got ready and they all threw the cubits "oh the infernites lost" 

The the game finished and the morphers 1st spikel 2nd

Flexers 3rd places and the morphers got the rainbow cubits

But then a nixel stole it but it bumped to hoogi and the nixel screamed

The end


All mixels aperare in the epesode

A new game is invented 

All maxes appear