Season 1 final by Dadaw.

Episode 6 Season 1 Mix Nix Special

All the mixels do a big party when the nixels plan to destroy this with a huge wave of nixels

Mixels in the episode

Any Orginal series tribes form series 1-4.

Any tribe form series 1 by Dadaw.

Any Nixels kinds.


Act 1:Lets do a mixels party - The mixels do a party.

Act 2:Nixels - The nixels destoy the party.

Act 3:Lets Mix to win - The mixels try to mix and defeat the mixels.

Act 4: Rescue the Mixels - The nixels trap 8 Mixels the others rescue them.

Act 5: MAX time - All the mixels max to deafet the nixels and save the Mixels land

The episode

Act 1

Herio: This party supper fun, rigth teslo

Teslo: My voltometer confrim thet ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Gobba: Kraw want to Mix?.

Kraw: Yes

Kraw and Gobba:MIX


Kraw/Gobba: Bom chika bom chika bom bom bom.

Flain: I have a 1000 Boxes of cookironis who want cookironi?.

Evryone: Me.

Flain: Herio want to help me?.

Herio: Yes

(Show a cubit)

Flain and Herio: MIX!


flain/Herio: We have many cookironis

(Do a tarnado and give cookironi to all mixel)

Zaptor: Hamlogna.

(Zaptor hold Hamlogna sendwich)

Jwag: Hamlogna.

Zaptor: I nog give for you my Hamlogna Sendwich

(Jwag hold a Cubit)

Zaptor: Now yes


Jwag/Zaptor:Hamlogna (Eats Hamlogna)

Seismo: Who have a coconapple

Footi: Me

Seismo: Want to mix with me and eat this with me?.

Footi: sure.


Seismo/Footi: Coconappale(Eats coconapple)

Stafllo: I want to ask, Wuy we do a party?.

Flain: For make a biggest fun.

Act 2

Major Nixel: They do a party for fun, harry up Nixels we have a biggest attack for this day, Now any Nixel for this place.

Muscel Nixel: NIIIIIIIX!!!!.

Nixels: NIX.

Major Nixel: The Nixels do a party and lets attack them with waves lets start with Boomerang Nixels

(The Boomerang attack the Party)

Flain: Oh no Nixels.

(Boomerang Nixel drop Boomerang on Flain's face)

Major Nixel: Now the Canon Nixels.

Staflo: Nixels.

Major Nixle: Now the Smacker Nixels

Herio: Oh now another wave.

Major Nixels: All the other attack.

Seismo Mix: a giant wave.

Kraw: What we will do.

Act 3

Flain: Lets a Mix.

Zorch and Whurl: MIX.


Zaptor/Jawg Mix: Attack.

Teslo: Magnifo are you reddy?.

Magnifo: Yes.

Teslo and Magnifo: Mix.


(All the Mixels Mix)

Staflo/Bigi: I will crash you

Seismo/Bit: Oh yeah you gone.

(Shoot Metal peaces form the mouth)

Ball/Krader: Oh yeah

(Smash the Nixels)

Armo/Shuff: Party time.

(Roll and shoot Metal peaces)


Major Nixel: catch the fast Mix.

(Smacker Nixel catch Zorch/Whurl Mix)

Flain/Herio: Oh no they catch Zorch and wurl

Teslo/Magnifo, Gobba/Kraw and Seismo/Bit: we will save them.

(The Smacker Nixel catch Teslo/Magnifo, Gobba/Kraw and Seismo/Bit Mix).

Act 4

Flain/Herio: Shuff Armo shoot on them Metal peaces now.

Staflo/Bigi: I will fly and crash them.

Krader/Ball: I will smash them

Flain/Herio: here we go guys.

(Zaptor/Jawg bite the net with Mangnifo/Teslo)

(Flain/Herio shoot Fire wind on the Nixels)

Flain/Herio: Are you crazy first attack after rescue.

Zaptor/Jawg: Sorry.

Magnifo/Teslo: Well I am okay but I dont know what about the others.

Chomly/Flurr: Well if you can bite them I can help too.

(Camera in the Nixels land)

Major Nixel: finnaly we complete, the Mixels To Nixels Mechine, now drop them, and 1 qestion, I dont know whu we build anti.

Nixel: Nix Nix Nix Nix.

Major Nixel: Oh I forget if I fall for there I will swap to Mixel cant Mix.

(The Nixels Drop Kraw/Gobba)

Nixels Kraw and Nixels Gobba: Nix (Translate: yes sir)

Major Nixel: This work, the Mixels going to be Nixels.

(Flain/Herio is showen).

Flain/Herio: I am not think so.

(Chomly/Flurr eat the mechine)

Chomly/Flurr: Yeah.

Major Nixel: My mechine, but the Mixels I seap Nixels not going to back.

Whurl/Zorch: Nooooooooooo.

(Fly fast out form the net catch Nixel Kraw and Nixel Gobba and drop them to the anti mecine).

Kraw: I am Mixel again.

Gobba: Me too.

Kraw and Gobba: Thanks Whurl and Zorch.

Act 5

(All the Nixels enter to the Nixels Cloud)

Major Nixel: I go to plan B Nix the Mixels land.

(All the Mixes un Mix).

Flain: Lets Max.

(The Mixels Max).

Infernites Max: Any plans.

Ligtheders Max: Well I have a plan go the the cloudly land and I will be there and I will make for us a cloud mechine to fly us, I am the fastest Max here I am like the ligth speed.

(The ligtheders Max gone)

The other Maxes(Expect to the Infernties Windesters and the Wiztastics Maxes):How to not festest can go for there fast?.

Wiztastics Max: I can telelport us.

(The Wiztastics Max open the teleporter)

(The Maxes enter to the Teleporter)

Lighteders Max: I ever said my tower is a Factory?.

Infernites Max: No but lets do this.

(The Maxes fly on the clouds to the Nixels Cloud).

(The Maxes jump to the Nixels cloud)

Major Nixel: Oh no Maxes.

(The Maxes destroy the cloud and make the cloud crash into the land)

Major Nixel: Who is okay?.

The Maxes: We are.

The other Nixels:Nix!

(The Nixels run back to the Nixels land)

Major Nixel: Oh no Mixels, Hey back to here.

Windesters Max: You alone here.

(Major Nixel run away)


The Infernites Max: Guys lets do a Max party on save the Mixels land.