(rokkit) ok my infernite friends you know why we live in this dome

(flamzar) no

(niksput) well its because

(rokkit) hey i was going to explain

(niksput) well im leader of the orbitons so im gonna explain the dome is here cause if we go outside we will be exposed to space air

(rokkit) and who knows what the effects of space air are

(nurp-naut) thats why we never go outside of the dome hey wheres burnard

(burnard) hey guys im outside of the dome

(rokkit and flamzar) gasp you mix monkey get back in here

(flamzar) i'll get the door open easy ok i cant

(rokkit) lets get him back in with the cubit

rokkit and flamzar MIX

they git the door open and unmix

(flamzar) you murp brain are you ok

(burnard in an auto tuned voice) yeah i feel ok

(meltus) woahhes auto tuned

(burnard) woah i am auto tuned this is amazing i cant wait to try out a mix with my new voice

(flamzar) oh no you gotta get some rest

(burnard) fine

burnard goes to his room

(flamzar) the dome would never shatter right niksput

(niksput) exactly as long as you dont touch it so never touch i MELTUS NO

meltus touches the dome and it shatters

(nurp-naut) oh no space air

(meltus don't worry i'll go mix with burnard

meltus goes to burnards room

(meltus) burnard lets mix ok

meltus and burnard MIX into the mix they made in only you can prevent forest freezes only you

(burnus) oh yeah im back in buisness

burnus implodes the the air and the dome is rebuilt and they unmix

(burnard) phew aww no im not auto tuned anymore

(rokkit) well im glad everythings back to normal

and then its reveald to be a nixel screen

(major Nixel) hmm i think i just figured out another way to destroy the mixels


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