This is the intro that is used in Mixels: The Movie, Mixing It Up A Notch.

How it goes:

Doodle versions of every Mixel run across the screen, being followed by a doodle Burnard, who has Nixels running towards him from behind.

The Electroids are seen having a rad dance party and electrocute themselves.

The Cragsters are seen mining and find a cave full of diamonds and precious minerals.

The Weldos are seen putting the finishing touches on a giant sign that says "Weldos", but the "s" falls on them.

The Glorp Corp cousins are seen creating a "slime-nado" and riding it.

The Munchos are seen getting ready to eat a giant cake.

The Klinkers embark in a parkour race across the Factory.

The Frosticon cousins are seen falling through ice.

The Lixers are seen licking a tall tree.

The Orbitons zoom around the Mixel-Moon but crash into Orbitopia.

The Infernite cousins are taking it easy in a lava hot tub.

The Glowkies shine in the dark and then laugh as the surroundings light up.

The Glorp Corp are seen surfing on a log.

The Spikels are seen hugging each other.

The Wiztastics are seen performing an intense magic trick.

The Frosticons are seen having their tongues stuck to a giant ice-lolly.

The Fang Gang are seen having created thousands of totems.

The Flexers are testing their flexibility.

The Mixels (excluding the original Infernites) all run to the Giant Rock and stand there, then Flain, Vulk and Zorch bring down the Mixels: The Movie logo from the sky.


  • This is a redo of the original intro from 2014.

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