The Mixels gods are the only Mixels are the must giants, and controls on the element better then every Mixel from there tribes. They are also knowns as "Titans". This is made in work of Dadaw(the idea and the sets creator) and PredasparkDrazor(The artwork creator wich is importmant and hard same as the sets)

Series 1

Infernwingast - The Infernites god, who have wings, and fire blaster.

Cragmash - The Cragsters god, who have stone balls on his hands.

Electeye - The Electroids god, who is shooting electric from his eyes and his legs.

Series 2

Frostibomaw-He have ice claws, he shoot ice from his tail and he have ice spikes on his head. He is the Frosticons god. Comming soon

Series 3

Comming soon

Dadaw's Series 1

Metaliant - The Metalizers god, he can give to other Mixels weapons to fight the Nixels.

Dadaw's Series 2