• the morphers are a powerful tribe that cane change the shape of thier hands.

they are purpel-ish gray in color




the leader of te morphers and is very smart, infact beated kraw in a quiz!


The dare devil one who likes to twist his hand.


The third one who wiggel his arms to hypnotise nixels

relationship with others

infernites: very well but they hate zorch because he uses them as skiping ropes.

cragsters: neutrel.

electrodes:they like hypno and twister and finds prawph cool.

frosticons: they have a complex relationship. like,they like each other but they dont hand shake with slumbo.

fangang: they like to play log toss with each other.

flexers: kraw loves to hang about prawph to teach each other and share intulect with each other.

the rest neutrel.

glorp corp: they like torts and glomp but not glort

Spikel:they like scorpi and footi and hoogi but can't play foot ball together

Wiztastics: they find thier shows cheesy 




they have good relationships

they almost never murp

their max is a big worm like infernites max