The Predasparks Max is a Max that debuted in Dragon Battle.

Predasparks Max
Cartoon Predasparks MAX
Cartoon Appearances Dragon Battle
Primary Mixel Drazor
Secondary Mixel Tatzel
Tertiary Mixel Manda
Purpose  ?
Ability(ies) Bigger Fire,

Shoot Lasers, Fly High

Physical Appearance

Overall, this Max resembles Drazor the most.

This Max has a rectangle mouth with nine teeth and two fangs. His six horns are similar to Drazor's and his eyes at the sides similar to Tatzel's. He has three crests at his head and has blue part at the back of his head. He somewhat have a frill at his neck and his body is red. His arms and bat-like wings are similar to Drazor, but his blue wrists are longer. His legs are resembles Drazor the most and Tatzel the less. He have two blue spikes, Drazor's tail, and Manda's flukes cover in flames.


  • He shoots out bigger Thunfire and lasers.
  • He fly high.

Set Information

Lego Predasparks MAX
The Predasparks Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets Drazor, Manda, and Tatzel. Extra parts are leftover after construction.



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