A mixel acidentally found when the entirety of the mixel moon experienced a power outage, and when they found the generator, he was feeding on the power it made, growing more and more radioactive by the second. The Electroids were called in and they overloaded his system using their electric abilities, knocking him out and draining his energy, and, even though his colleagues told him not to, Volectro brought him back with them to their mountain home and nursed him back to health using a power cable, but found out he could turn his radioactivity on and off at will and blast a beam of mixed waves. And when nixels came trying to steal their cubits and had cornered Volectro, about to hurt him, Radi struck, burning the nuisances with his given energy, and acidentally nearly fatally burned a nixel, and felt guilt almost immediately and even treated his wounds with his homemade burn cream, which actually had brought almost all mixels who heard it to tears, even Slumbo. And one day, almost all mixels who heard of his deed, came to applaud him and check on the nixels progress.


He is bright green with blue accents with a wingless dragon's form.

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