2nd costume episode of dadaw 

ep2 rolling ball (season 1)

mixels in the episode

any leader form the real serieses (+ all the spikles)







on the episode

bit and jawg eats hamlogna when tey finnish ball krader armo and seismo ask them for rolling ball game

the episode

(camera on hmlogna sendwich)

(mixels title)

jawg: hamlogna

bit: i love thet

shuff: hello friends want to play with us rolling ball ?

bit: yes jawg ?

jawg: yes

(camera on the rolling ball plate)

armo and shuff: MIX!


(ball tuch the cubit)



jawg and bit (MIX)

shuff/armo:(in armo's voice) i am first

(3 metal stands fall)

shuff/armo: your turn ball

(ball/krader rolling and 5 metal stands)

bit/jawg:(in jawg's voice) bit's skills are goods

(rolling and all the stands falls and he broke the wall)


(MIX! again)

bit/jawg:(in bit's voice): rolling ball bit bit

(rolling all around the mixels land and hurt the leaders)

(back to the metal hole and unmix)

bit: so who win

flain:you again please stop this game

seismo:flain rigth you broke my door

flurr: you borke ice creem three and this fall on me

kraw: yes i dont know how you jump for there but you bork house 

herio: i think this form my land but you broke my door to

(herio start to sleep)

staflo:you broke my tower and he get to the spinning land form my land

glomp: you broke 1 three on my land

magnifo: and you destroy my new show

teslo: wait guys this game fix the problom in my class

footi:well this game can help not need to angry on them they just want to do fun


(scorpi do cute voices)

(all the leaders go and frogive for them)

armo:wow this was so closer thenks footi

footi:your welcome bye lovly friends 

krader: bit and jawg wins

shuff: hey armo speak now

armo: i know i am not speak a lot


  • jawg and bit mix again even they not have any cubit
  • teslo not sucrafise himself when he say guys and class
  • seismo not play with bit even he his partner


this episode show how much mixels love echaters

this espisode show the game of the metalizers