FANMADE Mixels Series 11-005:01

FANMADE Mixels Series 11-0

5 Minute Video displaying pictures

Mixies Cousins

Dananco- This mixel was born to dance for the mixies! His proffesional dancing skills will make your mind blow!

Kiy- This mixel taps on his belly to press his piano ki- or keys. He loves playing himself!

Strung- This guitar mixel plays his amazing 4 string making different sounds everytime! He finds it fun and even if he gets hurt and brakes one there's always Doctor Surgeo!


Cumoflug- Is that a peice of grass, eh, ill step on it. OOF! It's actually Cumoflug! I didn't see him there! This mixel camoflauges with anything green!

Flowoo- She just loves to roam around in the flower feilds looking at all the different kinds of flowers. But she hopes she doesn't get picked up and mistaken as not a mixel!

Grasster- Whats up with this mixel and grass? Beats me, he loves watching it...... grow? Maybe? Nobody knows why he likes grass so much!


Geeno- 4 fingers, nice glasses. This mixel is just so nerdy! He is kinda weird just sitting there all day playing games on his computer. He loves to computer so much he even named it!

Inter-net- Is that Vaka-waka? Nah, well, kinda, but nerdy!

Loptap- Why exactly did Geeno name his laptop? Is it because hes special? Is it because hes alive? Is it because it was expensive? No! Of course not! He was an abandoned mixel! He doesn't know if he is special or why he's alive or how much he costs! He just loves him!

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