The Sozders is a Mixels tribe,they are notable for there energetic,crazy behaviour.


The Soderz have been known for there crazy and wild behaviour,and there creation of yellow fizzy liquid called "Mix-Fizz",Popz is the leader of the tribe,he makes Mix-Fizz with his hand,he loves to wear his fedora,Fizz-Plop is the two headed member of the tribe,Fizz-Plop makes Mix-Fizz with Fizz's tap-like nose,Plop is an oven who makes the Soderz' food nice and cooked,Zlurp is kinda like Lunk,except more energetic,Zlurp makes Mix-Fizz with his nostrils,he is allergic to fur.

The Soderz' Restaurant

The Soderz live in their restaurant called "The Mix-Fizz Bar",where they make Mixels Mix-Fizz and food,they sometimes have a few accidents,but still,it's a good place to go.