The Stripe Forest is where the Hiveineers live. Despite living in the Stripe Forest, the Hiveineers mainly reside at their beehive.


Stripe Forest
The Stripe Forest is a forest located far away, in the center of the Mixels Land. Over there, you can meet the Hiveineers, a tribe of honey making Mixels. Over there, you can see a giant stump with a large beehive, which is the Hiveineer Factory. This is no ordinary beehive, though! This beehive is a mechanical factory where the Hiveineers work. Their honey is guaranteed to taste better than the best batch of Cookironis!


The Stripe Forest appears to be an average forest with tons of trees with a stripe design. There is a large stump with a beehive, that has a hole for an entrance. At the second floor is a hexagonal hole that leads to a wooden, striped bridge that is used for flying the Beemobile.


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