Tatzel is a Predasparks Mixel. 



Rare Tatzel

Debut Dragon Battle
Latest Appearance  ?
Tribe Predasparks
Position Member
Gender Male
Color Red, Cerulean
Special Features Bite,


Likes Attacking Nixels,


Dislikes Nixels
Quote  ?
Voice Actor Peter Spellos
Game Abilities Stomp,

Roll attack (level 5) Tail whip (level 10)


Lego Tatzel
Some attributes
No. of Pieces 75
Color Bright Red, Bright Blue
Made by PredasparkDrazor



Tatzel is a strong, clumpsy, ground Mixel. He like to smash thing.

Physical Appearance

He has a red body with cerulean spikes at his back. His face has a cerulean stripe towards the center. An eye rests on each side of it. His nostrils are cerulean and triangular. When he opens his mouth, he has three sharp teeth and two normal teeth at the top and two sharp teeth at the bottom. He has a red triangle-like shoulders at the side of his body. He has a light grey neck that connects to a football-shaped with three cerulean spikes. He has short but bowed grey legs with cerulean feet with two white claws on each. At his rear is a long red tail with a cerulean tip and four cerulean spikes on it.


Form himself a ball and charge at Nixels, stomping them, and tail whipping them.



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