Commerical Scirpt

Flain/Seismo Mix: Ooooooh yeah! Lets get Mixel!

Narrator: The Mixels all day Mixathon is coming!

With your favorite Mixels and NO COMMERCIALS!

-Snoof gasps-

Narrator: With Mixels shorts, Mixels specials and also.....

Slusho: What is it?

Narrator: NEVER BEF- -coughs- Never before seen episodes!

Snoof: C'mon you guys! Hi-diddle-dee-dee!

Narrator: You can even go to (Not a real link) and post your mixel youtube videos and they may even react to them! Or post your custom mixels and see which ones make it on TV!

Splasho: High fives for everyone!

(Splasho high fives a bunch of random Mixels)

Narrator: The all day Mixathon starts at 6AM/5AM Centeral on [Day of the week] February 12th, celebrating Mixels' birthday! Only on Cartoon Network!

Camillot: Good show guys!


6AM: Mixel Moon Madness

6:30: A Quest For The Lost Mixamjig

7:Every Knight Has it's Day

7:30: Nixel, Nixel, Go Away

8: Mixed Up Special

8:30 The Big Crash

9: The greatest Nixelsode ever

9:30: The Concert

10: 40 Minutes of Mixel Shorts (all)

10:40: 20 Minute Intermission

11: Slusho's Fear

11:30: Berp's Missing Turkey: A Mixels Thanksgiving Special

12PM: The Season of Mixing: A Mixels Christmas

12:30: The Wonderful World Of Mixels Documentary

12:45: A Timelapse build of all mixels

1: National Cubit Day: A Mixels Movie

2:30: King Nixel's Average Day

3: Mixels Fooling: A Mixels April Fools Day Special

3:30: Mixels Crossover: Gumball Meets The Mixels

4: 60 Minute Intermission

5: Mixels Crossover: We Bare Bears Meets Mixels

5:30: Mixels React to Youtube Videos (Read Commercial Script about it)

6: A Mixels Easter

6:30: Mixopolis 2

7: OC Time! (Read Commercial Script about it)

7:45: A Goodnight from the Mixels (Mixels saying that they were glad you saw the Mixathon)

8: CN Endtime

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