They are mixels that are based on the element called earth.

They are brownish red and grey in color.


rox :he is the rocky leader that can summon boulders

sienick :he is brave strong but has no speed 

claydour :he may be short witted but has the power to turn into a boulder


Infernites: neutral

Cragsters: they like playing mixel ball together and also mixing.

Electroids:they always do liked the electroids annual dance parties.

Series 2:neutral

Glorp corp: neutral

Spikels: they play with each other because the cavelings have a rocky armor

Wiztastics:their shows are very funny to the cavelings


the chased mountain


  • They live near the elecrtiods
  • They can mix with the cragsters,spikel and wiztastics
  • They all are slow