The end is the second episode of my season 1.

Episode Description

The Cutilistic Cowards are using the computer. Some virus comes out and teleports them inside. It has a way to destroy their souls for good. They then make a deal for the virus. Zaptor and Scarpel are seen mixing. But when It shoots electricity up, it goes down on them. Scowl sees this and is very shocked. Chomly is seen throwing the frisbee with Jawg. They both suddenly pause as Jawg accidently bites Chomly without knowing where the frisbee is going. Tentro is seen dancing, but suddenly, without controlling his body, won't STOP dancing. Volectro takes a photo of the Lixers together. When He takes the photo out, it suddenly melts. Cars are suddenly seen in the air and spinning in circles while day-time turns into night-time. All of the stars are seen connecting together and shooting in the ground. Seismo is so scared and wonders what is going on. Scowl explains that the deal with the virus was that the virus could destroy the world for the freedom of the Cutilistic Cowards. Seismo is like "You let the universe get destroyed for your freedom?!". Krader punches the Cutilistic Cowards. A tornado is seen sweeping up the Mixels.

To be continued...

Turn picture the other way, it's not up straight

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