Matalacool debut

Atracttboy debut

Magneta debut

zaptor mentiond



mixel mountain is under attack by nixels so the magnetors go on an adventure to stop them but when they arive they loose the cubit so matalacool has to find it before he's the only magnetor


Magnetors MAX


this is the debut of the magnetors

this is the third time mixel mountain has been the focus of an episode the other times where in epic comedy show and the munchos munch mixtropolis

this is the first time a fanmade tribe has been in the center of an episode i made

this is the beginning of season 2


when they left magnetor land magneta wasn't holding the cubit anymore and a few seconds later it's back in his hand

there was an error with the dialouge because there was a line where atracttboy said WERE DOOMED but it was lost

for a frame matalacools head was dislocated

in the opening theme when doodle gobba finds the cubit the theme music is delayed 4 seconds


we start off in magnetor land where magneta and atracttboy are sitting in front of a stage then matalacool comes out

(Matalacool) do you guys know why your here

(Atracttboy) no

(matalacool) well i'll tell you he pauses for a moment NIXELS ARE ATTACKING MIXEL MOUNTAIN

(atracttboy and magneta) NOOO!!!!!!!!!!

(matalacool) YEEES!!!! and we have to save it so we never give up hey magneta where you goin

(magneta) i give up

(matalacool) you'll get to play with the cubit

(Magneta) sold

they then leave magnetor land and make there way up mixel mountain when they get to the top its covered with nixels

(matalacool) wow thats a lot of nixels how bout that cubit magnetor

(Magnetor) k got it right hamloany sandwich dang it zaptor i don't have it it must have fallen when we were climbing

(matalacool) ok don't panic i'll go look for it myself you guys fend off the nixels

matalacool then searched high and low for the cubit with no such luck until

(matalacool) oh it's hopeless wait a minute i see it

he takes back up and sees the other 2 members of the magnetors being drowned in nixels but matalacool kicks them off

(matalacool) lets mix it to fix it

magnetors MAX!

the theme starts to play then the max gets rid of the nixels and saves mixel mountain they then unmix

(matacool) so what have we learned today

(magneta) i don't know

(atracttboy) ok

matalacool and atracttboy then fly away leaving magneta

(magneta) hey guys i can't fly oh don't leave things behind i get it guys guys why do i have the feeling that something bad is about to happen

then suddenly magneta is trapped in a bag


translation: mission acomplished boss we captured a mixel

(major nixel) great work recruits your not so miserable after all bring him back to nixel land so we can get the other 2 and possibly an entire search party of mixels this has to be my greatest plan yet muahahahah

to be continued


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