The mighty king is a fan-made episode of mixels.


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King Nixel is attacking the Pluidings.

Episode Description

Bix has a dream about some scary shadow laughing and suddenly wakes up with a scream. He goes to Dren and Birt and tells them about the nightmare. Dren doesn't seem to care while Birt is worried the dream becomes real. However, he is right and a dark shadow appears and seems to be King Nixel. The Pluidings run away as King Nixel doesn't stop chasing them. Birt manages to save Bix from the mighty king while King Nixel loses them. He then makes about 5000 clones of Muscle Nixel to attack the Pluidings. After the clones fail, King Nixel decides to do it himself as the Pluidings max and it gets rid of the king. Dren then believes King Nixel is mighty, but doesn't think he is as mighty as her.


See here.





King Nixel

Muscle Nixel (cloned)


Pluidings Max


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