(Berp) guys im hungry

(vaka-waka) were always hungry

(Berp) i know but today for some reason i'm extra hungry

(Snax) yeah so am i

(vaka-waka) so am i well that seems like a good reason to eat so what do we want to eat

(Berp) how bout bread

(vaka-waka and snax) great idea

(Snax) but what kind

(Berp) the grand legendary bread on top of mixel mountain

(vaka-waka) lets go

(gobba narrating) so they travel far and high to mixel mountain where they might meet there demise dun dun dunn

(flains voice) gobba stick to the script

(gobba) oops sorry flain

(vaka-waka) there it is the legendary golden bread

(snax) how are we supposed to eat it it's huge!

(Berp) good thing i brought this

berp pulls out a cubit

(vaka-waka) great idea

munchos MAX!

the theme starts to play and the max eats the bread whole then go on an eating rampage

then a transision with bread raining down plays and cuts to them back at muncho land

(vaka-waka) i'm so full

(snax) me too

(Berp) me three lesson learned

then the episode ends


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