(Glomp) hello everyone im here at are very own glorp corp labs that being us the original glorp corp and not the 2015 replacements i bet your wondering the story of this laboratory

we cut to a flashback with glomp narrating

(Glomp narrating) well it all started 1 year ago right after we unmurped girt and scorpi torts said

(Torts) you know i always wanted a laboratory

(glomp) well then i know where you can get one lets go buy the electroids lab

(teslo) no

(glomp) but why

(volectro) because its are's and were going to defend it

electroids MAX

(Gliomp) we need a new attack plan

glorp corp MAX

the glorp corp and electroids maxes duke it out in a brawl and then the max picks up the lab and carries it to glorp corp land


(torts) i hear by dub they the glorp corp labrotory

(glomp) and thats how these labs came to be

(torts) we stole it from the electroids

(girt) yep


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