Some attributes
Name Traffop
Tribe Glassycops
Color Black
Made by MixelsFloras
Like Patrol
Guide traffic
Dislike Nixels
Someone who breaking the rules

Traffop Lego Version
Some attributes
No. of Pieces 69
Color Black
Made by MixelsFloras

Traffop is an Glassycops Mixels OCs.


He may be crazy but the most weirdest thing is he always do something correct and done with the job. He looks like a sloppy but the true is he was strong, helpful, and care with the rules. The most important he never give up to catch the scofflaw.


Traffop have a big sunny heart, always joyful on almost everyday. He love to hang out and getting lunch together with the other Mixels. His crazy fun thing always makes everybody smile and happy. When Traffop see someone break the rules, he become angry, chase them, and give a fine ticket.

Physical Appearance

Traffop is mostly Black and white. His body, which also acts as his face, is a tapering down shape, A white stripe is on the very top of his body, which rests a classic glass siren. He has two big upward-pointing teeth. There are W-shape chin under his mouth. His arms are light grey and fairly long, with black hands and three glass fingers on each. On the back of his left hand, there is a gadget with orange radar and yellow buttons. His legs are medium long, black cuffs on his ankles, black and white feet with a glass rectangle decorating each.

Special Features

  1. Glass siren
  2. Gadget
  3. W-shaped chin
  4. Glass fingers


Traffop can make search someone or place easy with his gadget. When Traffop get Hyperactive, he can run with a very high speed.


  • "I'm never give up to catch this rules breaker !" - Traffop
  • "Time for brake." - Traffop
  • "I Catch you ZOOOORCH !" - Traffop
  • "Here a ticket for the speed over the limit." - Traffop


  • He is the leader of the Glassycops.
  • His name is a combination of  the words "Traffic" and "cop".
  • He has a gadget that can be for communication, GPS, speed measuring, and Mixels/Nixels detector.
  • He always brought a emergency box.
    • His emergency box like a regular lunch box that containing Cronuts and Espresoda.
    • When he eat some of that, would make him hyperactive and run super fast.
    • That situation is always used Traffop to catch Zorch.
    • He is Voiced By Phil Vischer.