Wet city
Wet City
Some attributes
Tribe live in the place Splashoes
Things in the place Air blaster

Splashoes diner

Wet City is the home of the Splashoes


Splashoes Diner

if mixels get hungry, they go to the wet city and head to Splashoes Diner for something to eat!

Air Blaster

Air blaster is the exit and enterence to wet city. The splashoes don't have to use this way because they can breath in water and air, as for other mixels, when they use the air blaster, they get helmets on when entering and take them off exiting.

Opinions on splashoes diner

Flain and Magnifo

"We love eating there! Its our fav resturant!"


Boizo, Whaleterts, Splaz, Wet City

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