They are unkown members of the Windesters tribe, they are looks like Arachnids, and they are lives in a hiden mines on the The Spining Lands.


Fite - A tiny Member who is looks like a Mite, friendly and love to jump one.

Aider - A long member who is looks like a Spider, he is the leader, he love the other Mixels.

Scwind - An happy member who is looks like a Scorpion, and very happy.


  • Thier relationships is unkown.
  • All  of them have arachnid like: Fite like a Mite, Aider like a spider, and Scwind like a Scorpion.
    • The Max is Amblypygid.
  • There is no Mixel know about them.
  • They are subcategory of the Windesters
  • They are also mistaken as bug like Mixels, but they are Arachnids like  Mixels.


Herio, Whurl, Derdo, The Spining Lands
Fite, Aider, Scwind, The Spinning Lands Mines

Windesters/Arachnids Members