Zapp is a Electroid Mixel. He looks like Vulk, but with the Electroid color scheme, 3 eyes( The only Electroid to do so), and hands like Kramm's left one, with electrical tips. Zapp is able to fry/cook food by using his electrical touch.


Zapp was found in the Cragsters' homeland, after they went to Mixopolis, searching for someone to talk to. He was found by Shuff, who had left his ceramic collection at his house. Shuff discovered that Zapp had a mental condition that made it hard for him to make friends and do social activites. Shuff then decided to try and help Zapp, and the two became fast friends. It's still pretty hard for Zapp to talk to others, but Shuff can translate what Zapp does say, making it a little easier for Zapp to enjoy life.


Zapp attracts lightning, which he likes to collect in empty jars to eat. He also enjoys puzzles, reading, and chemistry, but it usually ends in an explosion. He makes an extremely good stew, which he usually makes with the lightning he collects.

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