A strange mixel found when magnifo and jawg mixed, the two didn't mix, but instead this critter was found in the cloud when it dispersed, and they noticed a certain feature of its color scheme - he has a beautiful cream-colored body, 2 large front arms with huge sharp pincers covered in hard bumps on opposite sides of an almost unbreakable husk, 4 short clawed legs on the bottom of the shell, and 2 small eyes on a large powerfully jawed head with earth-devouring teeth.

Early life

Unknown, but he does like to eat. A LOT. but with his dangerous huge clawed hands, its hard. so he can extend a long flexible tongue with 2 grabbing tips for grabbing to get food. His huge front arms are for defending against nixels, but his real weapon is in his body, as he can launch waves of spines like homing missiles but, these disperse into hordes of swarming, stinging insects that don't kill the enemy, but instead just annoying them, making a blinding cloud of insects, scaring the enemy, and taking out huge enemies, filling them with knockout toxin, knocking them out, and then flinging them into the nearest pothole.

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