The 5th episode by Dadaw

Episode 5 season 1 Zorch keep missing again

New ceramic figurine release in the mixels land called Birtutle(mix of Bird and Burtle), Shuff order this but now he needs get help form the Metaliers and the Cragsters to stop Zorch.

Mixels in the episode


All of the Cragsters

All of the Metalizers

The episode

Shuff: Oh what is it the new one.

(Read the name of the ceramic figurines)

Shuff: Birturtle, I buy now

(Knock knock)

Shuff: Zorch keep missing, again

(Shuff call to Armo and the other Cragsters)

Shuff: Armo me mix with you, Krader Seismo mix.


Shuff/Armo: if find zorch

(Shoot met pieces)

Shuff/Armo: Wow he very fast.

Krader/Seismo: Me stop them

(Zorch escape)


Shuff: like the last plan.


Zorch: Oh no murp

(Ball and Bit come to help)


Krader: Lets max.


Cragsters Max: You can turn into a ball rigth?

Metalizers Max: Yes, lets roll.

Zorch: Help me.

(Zorch smashed)

Zorch: Oh i find there is your Birtutle.

Krader: No not open

(Take the Birtutle)

Krader: Me open.

(Krader open the box)

Shuff: this cute.

(Shuff dance)

Shuff: I ma so happy now not looks like the last time.

The End.